Margaux was one of those styles which took several attempts to capture on paper, and even more to perfect the pattern. So much work goes into creating every pair, with twelve individual pieces making up the front part of the shoe alone! Made from soft powder pink suede, each panel is finished with delicate gold leather binding which highlights the intricate detailing perfectly.

The metallic binding detail is echoed on the back of the shoe, which is secured with an elegant gold leather ankle strap. It’s the kind of shoe which looks beautiful from a distance, but the closer you get you realise just how special it is. We’ve tried to capture it in the photographs but Margaux really has to be seen in person to truly appreciate her!

This season we’ve introduced some slightly thicker heels, whilst retaining all the elegance of a Rachel Simpson shoe. Margaux sits on a gorgeous new 8cm heel.

Price €350

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